At Weaver Drug Testing Laboratory we take pride in our work and strive to give our clients the best customer service possible.  With over 30 years of toxicology and drug testing experience, Weaver Lab will provide you with the highest quality of drug testing available at an affordable cost.  Our goal is to provide the most accurate results to our clients with an unbeatable turn around time allowing you to put your new employee to work right away.  Weaver Lab utilizes one of the newest instruments available, the Olympus au640e, which can produce over 800 tests per hour.  We are using Syva Emit reagents and assays of which the Emit method is the only drug test to have been acknowledged by the US Supreme Court as part of a highly accurate testing program.  You never have to worry about false positives that are most frequently encountered with strip kits and dip stick kits utilized by other laboratories.

There are many things to consider once the decision has been made to drug test.  You want to be sure that you are receiving quality, accurate and dependable results for the time and money being invested.  Remember, the goal is TO PROVIDE A SAFE, DRUG FREE ENVIRONMENT FOR YOU AND YOUR EMPLOYEES.  At Weaver Drug Testing Laboratory, we can assure that you will be getting the highest quality and accurate results available plus excellent customer service.  When it comes to your business don't take any chances!  Trust the most technically advanced, dedicated drug testing lab in Tulsa.  Trust Weaver Lab.

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